Warehousing and Distributions

clip_image001Warehousing and Distribution Business

In response to customers’ need for distribution of essential components, the Company actively initiates the VMI HUB solutions, which satisfies the various logistics needs of customers for processing, sorting and distribution at a single spot, and radiates over Yangtze River Delta Area and Southern China. With the help of bonded transport model, we delivery the bonded cargo to a special self-enclosing area supervised by the Custom House that will be quite efficiently and quickly.

LCL Warehouse service

  • Value-added Service
  • Accept the cargo according to the BOOKING and Warehousing Notice
  • Storage, Repacking, Palletizing, Labelling and so on
  • Book the space, get container from Freight yard, goods pick-up, delivery to port , clearance.
  • Special goods operation
  • Survey for Damaged goods
  • Documentation and Agent Service


Warehouse Location

  • WAIGAOQIAO Consolidation Point
  • YANGSHAN Consolidation Point


Storage Equipment

  • Ceiling Design used to load and unload goods prevent the goods from getting wet in the rain.
  • Container Cranes
  • Manumotive or automatic Forklift /Automatic lifting plat form for goods loading and unloading.
  • Fire Equipment
  • Monitoring system


VMI HUB service

Warehouse Management

  • Space management in warehouse based on customer’s requirement
  • Labelling Service
  • Subpackaging Service

Storage Location of Refined Management

  • Cargo Tracking Management
  • Focus on MPQ
  • Inventory aging report
  • FIFO Management
  • Date Code Tracking
  • Lot NO.Tracking

Exception Handling

  • Defective Products Marking
  • Rejects Treatment Options
  • Insurance Agent

Particular Goods Customized Service

  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Storage
  • Exclusive Storage
  • Exclusive Storage for High-value Goods
  • Stocktaking Management
  • Exclusive Storage for Damaged Goods.



Warehouse Equipment
1. Shelf/Racking

  • The use of Multi-layer shelves improve warehouse utilization of space.

2. Moving Equipment: Forklift/ High Altitude Reclaimer

  • These moving equipments speed up goods handling to make sure our service be efficient and time-saving.

3. Handling Equipment: Automatic lifting plat form for goods loading and unloading

  • Automatic lifting platform for goods loading and unloading.

4. CMS

  • Cargo Monitoring System achieve its monitoring goal by Video Security Alarm

5.Fire Control

  • The decoration of our warehouse accord with the standard from CHINA FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION.

6. ESD/Anti-humid

  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Environment / Antistatic Floor Painting
  • We provide the safety environment of ESD and Anti-humid to ensure storing the goods well.

7.Delivery: Bonded Truck&Normal Truck

  • To ensure the efficiency of delivery, we can provide the product distribution during the day or night from our warehouse to consignee. In the region of Yangtze River Delta, we can deliver the goods to customer in 4-5 hrs before customs clearance is finished as the rule of JIT of product distribution.