Import & Export Services


We will offer excellent commercial solutions by way of combining material, funds flow, commerce, storage, declaration, documentation and other resources.

  1. Foreign Trade Agency & Consulting
  2. Cost Checking.
  3. Import and Export Agent Service
  4. Declaration & Commodity Inspection Consulting
  5. Documentation Consulting
  6. Documentation
  7. Documenting and Checking
  8. Documents Tracking
  9. Documents Preparation for Bank Negotiation
  10. Foreign Trade Integrated Service
  11. Offer cargo booking, container reservation, container load, pick-up, delivery, custom declaration and Door to Door service.
  12. Offer pick-up, packing and labelling, declaration, clearance and Door to Door service.
  13. Air /Ocean Booking
  14. Storage Service
  15. ISF/AMS/AFR Declaration