Customs Clearance /Inspection/Quarantine Services


Quick Declaration


Upon Customs approval, the Company was registered and obtained permission at WGQ, YANGSHAN and PVG to accept the delegation of exported/imported cargo consignors and consignees to provide accurate and intact declaration to the Customs, declaration and tax payment with respect to the imported/exported cargo according to the operating procedure of the Customs, work with the Customs to inspect the cargo, communicate and coordinate between the shipper/consignee and the Customs until the cargo is given clearance. We can create an Cargo Database for VIP customer to ensure the clearance more smoothly and quickly.

We are thoroughly familiar with Chinese local laws, regulations and operation procedures from Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau/SGS/ITS, so we are good at solving problem about the inspection of feather, textile, wood materials, electronic materials.